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LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2012: Day 21

Day 21: fireplace

Stephanie: “What a lovely idea, Olivia! I love toasted marshmallows!”
Olivia: Hee hee, so do I! And we have hot chocolate too!

Later that afternoon: what’s Princess doing?

Just a little closer…

Perfect! A warm, cosy bed by the fireplace! “Arf arf!”

Four extra pieces today.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2012: Day 19

Day 19: handbag

Stephanie has a new handbag.

Stephanie and Princess have gone next door to Olivia’s house for morning tea.

“Sniff sniff… this smells very interesting!”

Uh-oh! Where is Princess? And where is Stephanie’s handbag?

I think I can guess…

That Princess! What will she do next, I wonder? PS. Stephanie, your penpal Mandy from Singapore says “Hi”. “Arf arf!”

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2012: Day 13

Day 13: Another stool, and mint cookies

Stephanie has set the table for afternoon tea with Olivia. Today, there are new mint cookies to try! But… uh-oh! Here comes Princess!
“Arf arf!” says Princess.

She jumps up on the stool. Oh, those mint cookies smell delicious!
“Arf arf!” says Princess.

Oh dear! Now she’s on the table! In the cookie dish!
“Arf arf!” says Princess.

The girls discover what naughty Princess is up to. “Oh no, Princess! Not again!”
“Arf arf!” says Princess.

After cleaning up the mess, they all sit down to morning tea. Princess has her own dish of mint cookies. Now everyone is happy.
“Arf arf!” says Princess.