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Star Wars: Attack of the Clowns

To celebrate the arrival of my Harley Quinn minifig, a chase scene featuring my gang of jesters and clown brandishing random food items. Poor old Vader.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clowns

When Darth Vader arrived in the mail, his cloak was a little bent from the journey. I was annoyed about that initially, but you know, I reckon it gives the impression of his cloak billowing in the wind as he runs for his life from those crazy clowns.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clowns - different angle, with depth of field

I must confess I’m not a Star Wars fan, nor have I ever seen Attack of the Clones. :)

“Do you KNOW who I am?”

Do you KNOW who I am?

Darth Vader: Do you KNOW who I am? I am Vader. Darth Vader. LORD Vader. I can kill you with a single thought.
Ice Cream Cart Guy: Well, you still have to get in line.

This was inspired by Death Star Cafeteria, which always makes me laugh matter how many times I’ve seen it. *Bad language warning*


Darth Vader arrived in the mail all the way from Colorado, USA. I think he and Captain Jack Sparrow will be great friends.

I took Vader’s portrait right away. I call this picture “Darth Vader and his Lime Saber”.

I bought the popsicle from – I bought some neon green/yellow (lime), neon pink (berry) and brown (chocolate). I was very excited about them as it seemed silly to have a LEGO ice cream cart but no ice creams.

See? Jack’s clearly a bad influence on Vader. “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.”