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Perth Adult LEGO Society Display June 2-4 2012

The Perth Adult LEGO Society Display is back! Coming up on the June long weekend.

Last year’s show was fantastic. See my photos from last year’s LEGO display.

Perth Adult LEGO Society Display June 2-4 2012

Perth Adult Lego Society Display 2012
Model Railway Exhibition, Claremont Showgrounds
June 2nd and 3rd – 9.30am to 4.30pm
June 4th – 9.30am to 4pm
Entry: Kids $5, Adults $10, Family (2 adults +2 kids) $25, Concession $8

Perth Adult LEGO Society – 2011 display

On Saturday afternoon, we went to see the Perth Adult LEGO Society 2011 display, which was part of the Perth Model Railway Show at Claremont Showgrounds. The show is on all long weekend 4 to 6 June (see details at the end of this post).

It was fantastic! We spent ages walking around, admiring the creativity, humour and attention to detail in the display. I took lots of photos. You can see the whole set at my Flickr account, but below is a selection of photos.

I’m waiting on delivery of my Fire Brigade modular set and am planning to buy the Grand Emporium and Pet Shop sets. Seeing these displays (how many LEGO Grand Emporiums does it take to make a Boans building? :) ) makes me want those sets all the more.

Boans building

All around us was movement. There were wind turbines and ferris wheels turning and trains whizzing past every so often.

Train goes past Boans



Movie theatre now showing Toy Story

There was a wedding taking place! Notice the ice cream stand, bike rack and busker?


The Bon Jovi concert, complete with lights, video and sound, was pretty spectacular. That’s A LOT of minifigs!

Bon Jovi concert

One of my favourites: KFC and the Kwik-E-Mart. I think Colonel Sanders has been replaced with a Stormtrooper – what do you reckon?

KFC and the Kwik-E-Mart


This red brick mine was pretty impressive and was one of Jac’s favourites.

Red brick mine

We really liked the local details included in the display. Among the many trains whizzing through the display was a Transperth train, which kept breaking down on the track. Those of us who ride the train daily couldn’t help but smile wryly at the irony.

Transperth train

There were several Transperth buses in the display, including this newer style bus.

Newer style Transperth bus

I spotted this older style Transperth bus in the display.

Old-style Transperth bus

We noted the white cat sitting at the top of the Fire Station.

Cat and fireman at the top of the Fire Station

A rather grisly accident scene…

Bicycle vs auto

A CSI photographer at work in a cordoned-off crime scene nearby.

CSI photographer

The ferris wheel and fair rides were fully functional and the movement was mesmerising to watch. Hope none of these minifigs gets motion sickness!

Fair ride

Another eye-catching feature, complete with smoke and “burning” embers deep inside the buildings.

Chaos and carnage

When I saw this I heard the voice of Ralph Wiggum (of the Simpsons) saying in my head: “When I grow up, I’m going to Bovine University!”

Making sausages

Not surprisingly, my other favourite feature in the display was food-related – this scene of fruit-picking at an orchard. I love how some of the fruit has fallen to the ground. And next door, a corn field!

There are many more photographs at my Flickr set:
Perth Adult LEGO Society Display 2011

View Today Tonight story (aired 2010) about the Perth Adult LEGO Society

Perth Adult LEGO Society 2011 Display, part of the Perth Model Railway Show
Claremont Showgrounds
4 to 6 June 2011
10am to 5pm
Gate 5, entry via Graylands Road, lots of parking
Adults $10, Children (school age) $5, Students and Seniors $8, Family ticket 2 adults + 2 children $25
Perth Adult LEGO Society website

We must’ve walked around the LEGO display at least three times, each time spotting new details we hadn’t seen before. There was a stall selling LEGO sets but the prices were somewhat inflated; I did pick up a 2011 LEGO catalogue for a buck.

We spent some time looking at the model trains/railways too and had a really fun afternoon.