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Pirates of the Caribbean polybags

LEGO polybags Captain Jack Sparrow’s boat (30131) and Mini Black Pearl (30130) were recently available for free with The Sun newspaper in the UK. I managed to pick up my own via eBay from UK sellers. Yes, I paid more than the cost of a newspaper, but I’m glad I bought them when I did – the eBay Buy It Now/auction and Bricklink prices all seem to have gone up significantly since.

Mini Black Pearl and Jack Sparrow's raft polybags

Captain Jack Sparrow’s boat includes a Jack Sparrow minifig with tricorne hat, sword and a bottle of rum.

Lego polybag 30131 - Captain Jack Sparrow's boat

The mini Black Pearl is a cute micro version of a much anticipated upcoming LEGO ship – I’ve heard the full-sized Black Pearl set will be released in November this year. I like the simple yet detailed design of this little ship, but it’s too small for a minifig to pose/perch on it.

LEGO polybag 30130 - Mini Black Pearl

Another Pirates of the Caribbean polybag is the Voodoo Jack minifig (30132).

Voodoo Jack Sparrow

This minifig was available in Australia as a freebie when you pre-ordered the Pirates of the Caribbean video game, which has since been released. The game features some of the funniest and most memorable scenes from the movies and looks like good fun. They’ve captured Jack Sparrow’s hilarious way of running perfectly! Check out this preview video (I find the narrator’s voice irritating and watch with the sound off):

If you’ve played the video game, is it any good?

Rather than fork out for a video game I probably won’t have time to play (our Wii has been much neglected lately – I struggle each week to find time for LEGO, let alone sitting in front of the telly to play video games), I got my Voodoo Jack via eBay. Here’s Voodoo Jack sitting in Captain Jack Sparrow’s boat.

Voodoo Jack Sparrow (Lego polybag 30132)  in a boat

LEGO fans who live in the US can now buy Voodoo Jack for US$2.99 on Amazon without the purchase of a video game (limited to one minifig per order). Sadly, Amazon doesn’t deliver toys, including LEGO, to Australia.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s rapture

Captain Jack Sparrow's rapture

When the clock ticked over to 6pm on Saturday, 21 May 2011, we were all doing what we loved most – Jac was in the kitchen cooking while watching the Country Music Channel on TV, I was working on my blog at my computer eating IKEA Swedish meatballs with cream gravy and boiled potatoes tossed in dill sauce, and LEGO Captain Jack Sparrow was floating in his boat enjoying his “last” rum.

An hour later, Jac popped her head into my study and asked: “What time was the world supposed to end?” :)

What were you doing at the time of The Rapture?

“I probably deserved that!”

Yet another woman slaps Captain Jack Sparrow.

I probably deserved that!

I’ve read mediocre and bad reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – On Stranger Tides but am still keen to see it. I don’t go to the movies very often – just get busy and find it hard to get organised to go. I missed the last Twilight and Harry Potter movies and had to wait for them to come out on DVD.


Darth Vader arrived in the mail all the way from Colorado, USA. I think he and Captain Jack Sparrow will be great friends.

I took Vader’s portrait right away. I call this picture “Darth Vader and his Lime Saber”.

I bought the popsicle from – I bought some neon green/yellow (lime), neon pink (berry) and brown (chocolate). I was very excited about them as it seemed silly to have a LEGO ice cream cart but no ice creams.

See? Jack’s clearly a bad influence on Vader. “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.”