Update on The LEGO Woman blog

This blog has been neglected – I apologise for that. Life is just too busy and I haven’t had time to do anything LEGO-related for months.

I had been planning to blog this year’s LEGO City advent calendar, but will no longer be able to do so.

I’ve had technical issues with my computer for several weeks and have been unable to do any photo editing and have fallen behind with all blogging activities, including those for my food blog – The Food Pornographer (TFP). As I will be going away on holidays soon, I had planned to pre-shoot the LEGO advent calendar as well as pre-write TFP blog posts and basically have all of the posts pre-scheduled to publish while I’ll be away, as I will be unable to work on blog posts while I’m away. That plan should’ve been well underway by now, but the unplanned computer down-time has made it impossible. Once I get my computer back (hopefully this week) I will be scrambling to get up to speed with TFP blog – which is my top priority. Catching up on that alone will be difficult as I have a busy calendar all the way up to the time we leave on our trip.

I haven’t made any decisions yet on The LEGO Woman blog, but it’s looking likely I will discontinue it as I’m simply not able to devote any time to it (as much as I would like to). Same goes for The LEGO Woman’s social media accounts.

Apologies for any disappointment caused. I just can’t do it all.

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