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Fun with Stephanie

I bought a number of LEGO Friends sets recently. The first set I opened was 3930 – Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery.

I’ve said on Facebook and Twitter that I don’t think it was necessary to create a separate LEGO series for girls, but I do love the new parts and colours.

This is Stephanie.



Here she is with her outdoor bakery. I love the details – the cooktop and oven that opens, the big cake and other desserts, even the stripes on the umbrella.

Friends 3930 - Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery


When you compare Stephanie with the old/regular female minifigs, they look so frumpy and chunky. But I still prefer the regular female minifigs. I reckon LEGO should’ve stuck with the regular female minifigs and just expanded the range of hairstyles, faces and outfits for them.

LEGO gals


The head, body and legs on these new “Friends” aren’t interchangeable with the “regular” minifigs, but the hair is, as demonstrated below.

The swap

“The swap”

I think I’ll have lots of fun with the new LEGO Friends… what do you think?


Do you own any Friends sets? What do you think of them?

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