LEGO 4195 – Queen Anne’s Revenge

It took me a few weeks to finish building Queen Anne’s Revenge, a tiny bit at a time. All up, it was probably around four hours of actual build-time.

My LEGO building area is in our library, where Jac has set up a trestle table for me. In the background of most of these photos you can see Jac’s cookbooks and our DVDs.

Queen Anne's Revenge

I think Queen Anne’s Revenge is a good-looking ship. I especially love its red sails.

Queen Anne's Revenge

The use of bones and skulls are wonderfully macabre detailing. My least favourite feature: the stickers for the windows and cannon hatches. Stickers are such a pain to apply perfectly.

Queen Anne's Revenge - great macabre detailing

Queen Anne's Revenge - side view


The set includes seven minifigs: Angelica, three zombie pirate crew members, Blackbeard, the Cook (but sadly, no galley included in the ship) and Captain Jack Sparrow in his tricorne hat.

Queen Anne's Revenge minifigs


The Cook on Queen Anne's Revenge

Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica

I think planking is a pretty silly thing for people to do, but for LEGO zombie pirates, well…!

When Captain's not watching, Zombie Pirates go planking!

I recently bought the Imperial Flagship recently at Myer (20% off LEGO sale + 10% off Myer One member discount). Can’t wait to build it and have both ships on display.

3 thoughts on “LEGO 4195 – Queen Anne’s Revenge

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  2. Dr. Grumpy

    That is spectacular.

    My kids love Legos, and we are going back to Legoland in a few weeks.

    They want to do the Lego Death Star, the big one, which is more like a museum piece than a toy. We told them not until they can afford it themselves! For now they can do the smaller sets.


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