My latest items: LEGO Fabuland and stormtroopers

I recently won an auction on eBay for a mixed lot of LEGO Fabuland pieces. I was pretty excited as I always wanted Fabuland when I was kid but never owned any. I still don’t own any sets, but I’ve now got ten minifigs, a park bench, a motorcycle, four food tiles and the best item of all – a fridge, featured in the previous post: WIN!

Fabuland mixed lot (like a family photo!)

The sheep is so faded it looks like a ghost. It looks terribly feeble, like it will fall over any second. Its arms and legs are very loose, so it won’t be great for posing. The boat captain walrus is in excellent condition. The rest of the minifigs are clearly used but in pretty good nick, considering their age.

Fabuland minifigs

There were two police bull dogs in the batch – this is the better of the two; the other bulldog’s face is a little faded. I always wanted a Fabuland motorbike and now I finally have one!

PC Bulldog from Fabuland

That same week, I also bought five new Star Wars stormtroopers. Here are two of them, examining the secondhand fridge. You have no idea how thrilled I am to have won that fridge. Stay tuned for more from the stormtroopers. :)

Stormtroopers check out the old Fabuland fridge

7 thoughts on “My latest items: LEGO Fabuland and stormtroopers

  1. Cindy

    “Well, Lord Vader did warn us he could make our Oreo cookies and milk materialize to him via his Dark Side powers. I guess we’ve been had again!”

    “Yeah. Maybe we should stash some ExLax brownies next. See how he likes that as a gag.”

    “Huh? He’d gag US!”

  2. Harald

    That fridge is AWESOME! Not a bad size when compared to the Stormtroopers either. And that motorbike is in great condition. Well done on scoring those figures too. I can’t wait to see what shenanigians they all end up in. :)

    1. The LEGO woman Post author

      As soon as I saw the fridge among the Fabuland minifigs in the picture on eBay, I knew I HAD TO win the auction. Thankfully the price didn’t go up to ridiculous levels as it would’ve been hard for me to walk away.
      Oh yes… lots of shenanigans coming up! :D

  3. Kowalski

    I so want a fabuland “wolf” i wonder if they ever made one? It would make fairytale vignettes so much the better.. imagine red riding hood… the three little pigs… the boy who cried…


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